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Find your next rental home in Perth.

Nest Realty regularly has many great rental listings for homes throughout Perth, so if you are looking for your next rental home, browse our current listings below and get in touch with us to organise a viewing of one of our properties.  

What to Consider When Renting a Home

If you are just entering the rental market and want to understand more about the property rental process, here are some of our top tips when it comes to looking for a rental property in Perth.

Property Location

Even when renting, location is a key factor to consider – it helps narrow down your search and makes sure you will get the most from your time renting there. What do you need from your location? Proximity to amenities and places, like schools, transport and parks, that suit you, your family and your lifestyle will help you decide which suburbs and locations are best for you. 


A factor when choosing a rental home is your lifestyle. Is indoor or outdoor space more important? Do you entertain? Which rooms do you spend the most time in? For some families, bedrooms can be small as long as the backyard has space to play, or for others, having a big kitchen is more important to their quality of life than space indoors to entertain. When you know what is a must-have and what is a nice-to-have, it makes rental hunting easier! 


Always a key factor is the cost of your rental, but there are a few ways to look at it. If the kitchen is big and you enjoy being there, you’ll save money on eating out. If you are close to work, the kids can walk to school or take public transportation, so you’ll save on commuting. Sometimes it’s worth paying more to secure your ideal rental home – especially when you know what the right property in the right location will save you in the long run.

Rent with a Trusted Perth Real Estate Agency

Nest Realty regularly lists a range of rental properties in suburbs such as Ardross, Mt Pleasant, Applecross, Bicton, Palmyra, Melville and throughout the Perth Metropolitan area. View our rental listings and contact us to organise a viewing.