Rent Your Property

rent your property with nest Realty | Investment property rental

Find the right tenants for your Perth rental Property.

Nest Realty makes the process of finding the perfect tenants for your Perth rental investment easy. Your property is a valuable asset and we work hard to find responsible, respectful tenants while ensuring it never stays vacant. Work with our experienced real estate agents and property managers to fill the vacancy at your rental property so you can make the most of your investment.


If your rental property is vacant, you are missing out on the financial benefits of your investment. Property is arguably one of the best investments you can make, providing a source of extra income while growing in value, with possible tax benefits and enabling you to build an asset to ensure greater security for your retirement. By putting your investment property up for rent and having a consistent flow of tenants, you increase the benefits and profit potential of your investment property.

Want to know what you could earn? Our free rental appraisal helps you understand what rental income to expect from your investment rental property.

rent your property with nest Realty | Investment property rental

Why Hire a Real Estate Agent for Your Rental Property?

Free up your time and put the renting of your valuable asset in experienced hands – there are many benefits to hiring a Nest Realty real estate agent to fill the vacancy at your rental property.

Strategically Price Your Property

You want to set a fair price that attracts tenants, but the right price to ensure profits. By working with a Nest Realty real estate agent, you gain access to industry knowledge and insights that could raise the value of your rental property. An experienced agent will advise on the market value of your property based on current rental trends and make sure you get the best rate for your property.

Marketing Your Listing to the Right Audience

Nest Realty will handle the marketing for you. You don’t have to deal with where and when to place ads for your rental property or waste your budget on marketing that won’t work. We have tried-and-tested strategies and use the most visible platforms to post effective rental adverts – while targeting the right tenants.

Qualifying & Securing Quality Tenants

Every day that your property is vacant costs you – that’s why we work hard to secure you the best tenants as swiftly as possible. When you work with a Nest Realty agent, we’ll conduct as many open homes and private viewings as it takes to attract the best tenants. Not just that, but we will carefully screen prospective tenants for your rental property to find the right people to look after your property.

Contact Your Trusted Perth Real Estate Agency

At Nest Realty, we make renting your investment property easy and profitable. Our agents have a clear grasp of the often complex, and time-consuming process of rental property management. Our experienced real estate agents handle the entire tenanting process, so you can have peace of mind knowing your rental property is in good hands.