Vasco Horta

Vasco Horta
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With a broad and varied career across most areas of the real estate industry, the thing that Vasco loves most is helping people make their next move.

When did Vasco’s real estate journey start?

Vasco came to the real estate industry after 22 years in sales and marketing with 12 years as a small business owner. His interest in real estate goes back to when he was a 20-year old and bought his first property in Bicton, WA. Since then, Vasco has renovated homes, owned investment properties and completed a suburban subdivision as well as having built his own designer home.

An Award-winning Local Agent

Vasco has been an award-winning agent with two international agencies. To add to his career experience and skill, Vasco holds a Diploma in Property as well as being a Licensed Auctioneer.

Vasco has been the Sales Manager of a large independent agency and has now owned and operated two different agencies, including Nest Realty. His past industry experience enables him to specialise in property sales, achieving great results for his clients.

“I’ve created Nest Realty as an independent office with connections to industry leading systems and processes to enable us to work effectively and efficiently, giving our clients a world-class experience at a very local and personal level.

I have lived in Bicton since 1984. I grew up locally, went to East Fremantle Primary School then onto John Curtin SHS. Both my sons went to Bicton Primary school. I’m interested in fitness and attend the gym and cycle regularly. I have been a keen ‘hobby’ photographer since I was 12 years old when my older brother bought a camera and allowed me to use it.”