Lease My Commercial Property

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Lease your Perth property to the right tenants, faster.

Nest Realty will find responsible tenants for your commercial property in Perth.  You can rest assured that our tenant screening process will mean that we only put forward tenants we know will be the right match for your property.

Maximise Earnings from Your Commercial Real Estate

Commercial leasing can be complex. There are different lease types to negotiate, different laws for each of the different lease types plus, every lease will have individual and unique conditions to be considered and written up. These factors can make a difference to the return you will achieve from your investment.

Our agents will guide you through all the factors of commercial leasing like lease types, the laws covering the lease as well as negotiating the many different conditions that can be added to the lease. After gathering this information, we create marketing campaigns that attract the right tenants to apply for your property, at the right price. 

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How You Can Maximise Returns on Commercial Real Estate

Simply put, the best way to maximise the return from your commercial property is by working with an experienced real estate agency. Consider these reasons for working with Nest Realty.

Determining the Rental Value of Your Property

Nest Realty agents not only look at the market value of your property, but we look at the potential value, which often is greater than the market value. This helps us position your property to get the maximum potential rental rates.

Marketing Your Property on the Right Platforms

By engaging Nest Realty to manage your commercial property, you’re tapping into a wider network of potential tenants. We use proven strategies that increase your visibility on the right platforms – helping your listing reach the most ideal tenants.

Tenant Screening

Nest Realty can effectively communicate with and thoroughly vet all prospective tenants to ensure the right choice for your property. Our screening process starts with an interview and is followed by intensive checking of the potential tenants’ suitability for the property and their previous lease history.


Choose A Trusted Perth Real Estate Agency

Our Perth-based real estate agency has one goal in mind. We want to help you maximise profitability from your commercial property while protecting your investment.

Nest Realty understands that commercial property leasing can be complex and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. Our award-winning team streamlines the entire process to help you find quality, long-term and dependable tenants.